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    • By Fr. George Rutler | While it is easy to identify bold personalities that enjoy a good fight, and others that shrink shyly from any kind of confrontation, psychologists do not find it easy to...
    • By Father John P. Cush | A great reality check for a priest is being assigned full time to teach high school. Nothing, in my opinion, is as much a great equalizer for a young priest, after all his...
    • By Justin McClain | In March 2018, American Catholic speaker, catechist, and fellow Ave Maria Press author Katie Prejean McGrady was one of only three young American Catholics chosen to...
    • By Angelo Stagnaro | Stockholm — Christianity came to Sweden in the person of St. Ansgar (AD 801–865) when he visited Birka in AD 828–829 where he was given permission to build a church...
    • By Patty Knap | There's a new trend that's highlighting the benefits of homeschooling. Young men with a homeschool background are four times more likely to enter seminaries than those...